SFAUSTINA is a Bay Area artist who has been involved in the arts since he was a small child. He has an affinity towards the act of creating whether it is self-publishing limited edition books, creating the first online graffiti magazine, Bloodwars, making paintings which consist of illustration, collage, graffiti and typography or cooking in the kitchen. Many of his pieces have been purchased by collectors world wide. SFAUSTINA is an accomplished Graphic Designer who has worked for Francis Ford Coppola for more then a decade in the Art Department. Sfaustina currently lives and works in the Bay Area.

Below are all original pieces created by Sfaustina. New pieces will be add often  If you would like to own one of my works, please enquire by email. Paypal or Bitcoin only excepted as payment. Sometimes you can also find my work on Ebay special listings. Sometime really cheap other times not.  You also can find my work in the NFT space at knownorigin.io

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For all work & enquiries please email: info@sfaustina.com

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