Art Direction and complete package designed

In 2006, Francis Ford Coppola purchased a new home for his winery in Sonoma County. In honor of this move, we created a new line of all-Sonoma wines called Francis Coppola Director’s Cut. Named after the version of a film, which most reflects the director’s vision, the Director’s Cut wines represent our winemaker’s vision of varietal wines, which express true appellation character. In addition, every bottle of Director’s Cut pays homage to the history of filmmaking and the uncompromising standards that make both winemaking and filmmaking true American art forms.

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Director’s Cut Wine Brand

Art Direction / Design / 2006
Photographer: Chad Keig

One of the first projects I worked on for Francis Ford Coppola was the Director’s Cut brand. When I received the job it was just a concept by a former designer. The only direction I received was to utilize the Zoetrope strip and make it wrap around a bottle.  After reviewing Mr. Coppola’s large collection of vintage Zoetrope strips I picked the strips with the images that would work as a consists brand and match each strip with each wine varietal. The next step was the label size. After much research I figured out the size and bottle shape that would work for such a long label, as well the label had to contain all the branding I developed, and legal information. The next challage was to figure out how to apply the label 360 around the bottle, which needed to be a flat sided bottle for all veritles. With the production teams help we eventually found a machine in Australia that could achieve this. All other POS and brand collateral designed by me. The rest is history!

Cinema Wine Brand
(Director’s Cut Brand Extension)
Art Direction / Design / 2009
Director’s Wine Brand
(Director’s Cut Brand Extension)
Art Direction / Design / 2008

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